I love this human being! He is who he is due to being raised by me! I just wish he could have known I chose to raise him. But I was not allowed the opportunity. So now, for he and I, NO one in the world knows how we feel for having been duped and lied to for 20 years. So we have a bond of understanding that is greater than blood. After years of trailing his sister in school, thinking he was dumb, when she excelled and he failed..... what a relief for him to learn he was genetically different... NOT STUPID.... a whole different person with different parents. Of course he won't keep up the same as his sister. May I add, Sister, with Nagel dna, is damn smart! Guess morals are not the only thing lacking in the Ernst clan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THIS IS WHY I DIVORCED THE MOTHER OF MY 2 CHILDREN. SHE HAS 3,AND SHE THOUGHT OTHER RELATIONSHIPS WHILE MARRIED WAS OK. READ HER WORDS.... SHE ALWAYS LIED TO JOE. Who would stay married to a liar cheater who din't believe she needed to change anything?!?! All I needed to do was ACCEPT her and she was willing to stay married.