Lies lies lies.... and she once said circular arguing is from alcoholics...... Yes, them and fucking liars !!!! I unfortunitly, used to believe people don't like to another face to face... NEVER would lovers or spouses! Here is one good point where I am an ASSHOLE! I believed her, over and over. Ice cream, crabs, money, long days at work or school, Asshole me just believed, cause that was who I was. Oh, yeah, not only did SHE DIVORCE ME...... But she tells , that I lie!!!!!!! Of course! Cause who would ever believe the crazy ass stories I tell!!!!! I never knew my then 20 yr old was not mine. Maureen thinks relationships while married are OK! The shit I learned about my spouse and "our" 2/3 kids..... it all sounds made up doesn't it? Poor victim her and me the bad liar , cause of all our troubles.... and all the reasons she had to divorce me!!! SO read the facts! Pictures of her hand writing. How would a liar bad ass make up or create this???????