Chronos is not exactly a villain. In a way, she is kind of like Catwoman. She steals rare and valuable objects. Chronos, in her alter ego, is poor and by night steals from museums or wherever and pawns the items off to make a quick buck. Chronos doesn't like doing this, but feels she must if she wants to keep from being homeless. She lives in Central City, home of the Flash, and there is a noticeable attraction between the two. The two also know each other in their alter egos as Wally West and Olivia Sharpe. The two kept running into each other and slowly became friends, sometimes having lunch or dinner together, or even just a quick cup of coffee. Neither know of the other's superhero identity, and it stays that way for a while. As Olivia, she has long black hair with bangs slightly covering green eyes, and she tends to wear loose clothing that hides her figure. As for powers, Chronos, as her name depicts, has control over time. She can't travel through time, but she is able to slow it down and speed it up. It's a great help when she has to deal with the Flash. Chronos is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.