Marc Johanson is the older twin brother of Maya Johanson. He, like his sister, works alongside the hero, Psyla. The twins live with their older cousin due to their parents dying in a car crash when they were younger. As a hero, Marc has the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, merging, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Psyla believes when he is older, Marc will have more powers similar to hers. Marc's telekinesis is different from that of Miss Martian's. He can only link up with blood relatives and can use it to shut out other voices when linked up by someone else. Being twins, Marc has a close bond with Maya and considers themselves to be "two halves of the same whole". His merging power, as mentioned earlier, is mainly used in battle with Illusion. Their powers combine and they become one, stronger being. Marc is also the smarter of the two and calmer than his sister. Basically, he thinks before he acts, unlike his sister at times. (Note: I made Marc because I wanted to pair Illusion with Robin, but by doing that I left Zatanna without a love interest. So, Marc takes Robin's place as Zatanna's love interest. Also, I haven't come up with a superhero name for Marc yet.)