Dawn's mother when she's younger. In an alternate universe (it's different from how I originally imagined stuff), Theresa is part of Stryker's group. Along with her ability to stay young, Theresa can also heal wounds (so she's like the group's medic) and can also warp reality. Which basically means she can make people see what she wants them to, or make them see their greatest desire/fear. Out of all the men, Theresa gets along with Jimmy (Logan) the best. She even leaves the group when he does, not liking how they harm/kill innocent people. Years later, when the group has long since been disbanded, Theresa goes to Wraith and Dukes to get info about Stryker's new lab and runs into Logan. The two work together to get to the lab and once there, Logan frees all the trapped mutants, including Theresa's young and only daughter, Dawn (she had explained to Logan earlier that she raised Dawn alone, due to the father running off when he heard the news). Theresa helps the mutants escape while Logan fights Weapon XI. Once done, she hands Dawn over to Professor Xavier to care for and rushes off to find Logan. When she arrives, she finds Kayla (Logan's girlfriend) dead and Logan, who has amnesia. She and Gambit try to convince him to come with them, but he goes his own way. Many years later, when Dawn is grown and a teacher at Xavier's, Theresa comes to visit and meets up with Logan once again.